“I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

I came across this in a newspaper article recently. And it immediately struck a cord. Cause i’ve been debating and dealing with some issues recently which exemplify this.

Everyone is capable of arousing any and every emotion within you. You consider someone family, you consider some dear friends. But that is no guarantee that you will always have the most positive and happy vibes from them. Sometimes it is due to the fact that your feelings are not reciprocated, sometimes because of circumstances; it may even be unintentional. But it does happen.

But what my self blaming disposition has made me realise (after costing me a lot!) is that neither of this is your fault. And neither of this is in your hands. If you continue blaming yourself for having done things differently, of not having taken things to heart , or feeling more welcome just by pure will, then you’re not going to achieve anything. People are more than happy to let you shoulder all the blame. So don’t keep your plate full of blame for such people.

Yes, its always worth your while to change yourself. But be sure its not in vain. Its for people who want to help you shoulder the blame in any relationship. Its a two way bridge, you should get some in order to give some. Expectations shouldn’t be met because you adjusted them. You should be accepted for how you are. Cause no matter how much you try otherwise, you will always remember, like the nagging feeling of having misplaced something you don’t even remember, How they made you feel.

Make sure the feelings are happy ones. šŸ˜€

About Tanaya

Just another ordinary girl, who strives to be not so ordinary. I'm pathologically introspective, on a constant rampage to make everything in life have meaning, and trying, in the process, to understand myself 'honestly'. I'm also a biology grad student and a fun loving person who enjoys artistic creativity and music.

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  1. I completely agree. Sometimes you just don’t get to hear or see what you want to hear or see from your near and dear ones. We do our bit to act mature, now its high time they return the favour.
    Take care.

    • Thanks a lot for ur reply! I’m glad u could relate.
      But i just wanted to know how you came across my blog? Its fairly new and hardly publicized. (not that i dont welcome people’s reactions!)

  2. Hey..
    sorry for the late reply..have been constantly on the move lately..
    Well, to answer your question, I am always on the lookout for soulful blogs..
    By and large, they are not able to escape my attention..

    Cheers..Take care and continue writing..

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