Things I learn – Post 1

I’ve decided to try something. I’m usually very efficient, despite being not very organised on paper. But of late this is proving to be a problem that i need to overcome. So, this blog shall become my documenting medium. I shall record things I need to keep a track of, and more importantly, things i need to learn in life here. They will mostly be simple truths of life, that I need to learn by experience. These notes will help me consolidate things, by writing it down, as well as by reminding me of the costs for such epiphanies!

So, for my first entry; this one is two days too late.

No one is out there to help you. Extension of help is highly regulated by convenience.

Also, EVERYONE (you included) is capable of more than you imagine. You can’t know anyone absolutely, and you can never predict their responses and behaviour. Come to think of it, can you even predict your own? You may expect a certain response, but you may get something totally different. Shocking, though it may seem, it is still the same person. And they are no worse off for it.

These two things, though naive, taught me a great lesson by occurring together.

Take it at face value, and move on. Be professional, be cordial, be polite. Maintain the relationship. Everyone holds the right to decide how much to invest, and when to pull back in interpersonal relations. Chances are, that you will continue as before after it. I wont say ‘forgive’, as I don’t see anyone at  mistake here, but definitely FORGET. Works like a charm.


About Tanaya

Just another ordinary girl, who strives to be not so ordinary. I'm pathologically introspective, on a constant rampage to make everything in life have meaning, and trying, in the process, to understand myself 'honestly'. I'm also a biology grad student and a fun loving person who enjoys artistic creativity and music.

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