We build around,

Completely surround

Ourselves in a thought

Nay, a reality.

“Its true, so true

I’ve never been blue

For lack of love for me.

Its perfect, my life

all “quadrants” alive

I got what I wanted

In a heartbeat’s time”


These Mirages they keep

You in an oasis of sleep

A promise of relief

to a parched throat,

Of rest and happiness

to a parched soul.


Like a fantasy though,

The oasis is fickle and fragile

You think you get it,

but somewhere

Something is not right


You see through clouded eyes,

A picture perfect life

Till one day the atmosphere decides,

Its deluded you enough this life

It breaks the illusion

Ruthless, just leaves confusion


And u wonder, unstrung

Were u better off deluded?

or are u now more alive?



About Tanaya

Just another ordinary girl, who strives to be not so ordinary. I'm pathologically introspective, on a constant rampage to make everything in life have meaning, and trying, in the process, to understand myself 'honestly'. I'm also a biology grad student and a fun loving person who enjoys artistic creativity and music.

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