The fickleness of friendship

The brevity of love

The longevity of pain

The plan from up above

The unreasonable responsibilities

the reasonable guilt at shirking it

The unsurmountable mountain of expectations

The small hill of your ambitions

The fight within you, you are constantly losing

The fight outside, you must win

The quest you began, lying forgotten

The road thrust on you, under your feet

The memories, bittersweet,flashing,fleeting

The ambitions, like dreams, caricatures and unease

What is your life?

The child sees, wants, builds a wonderful castle

The adult understands, bargains, and cuts it down to size

Life is nothing but a child’s dream being rudely broken by an adult’s reality.


About Tanaya

Just another ordinary girl, who strives to be not so ordinary. I'm pathologically introspective, on a constant rampage to make everything in life have meaning, and trying, in the process, to understand myself 'honestly'. I'm also a biology grad student and a fun loving person who enjoys artistic creativity and music.

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