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Do not be proud of what you have,

Never condemn in your perceived perfection

Things stay constant for but a fleeting second

The condemned shall rise to dispel your misconceptions

Exercise caution, Beware!

They may be fictitious, the things for which you care

Your life may stray, from plan far away

Reduced to the cinders of a laughable play

The bat of an eye,

A twist of fate,

Changing horizons,

Changing gait,

Mutating inheritance,

Altering relations,

Reality walks with a gleam in the eye,

Only to one day make you see

How mercurial life can be!




The fickleness of friendship

The brevity of love

The longevity of pain

The plan from up above

The unreasonable responsibilities

the reasonable guilt at shirking it

The unsurmountable mountain of expectations

The small hill of your ambitions

The fight within you, you are constantly losing

The fight outside, you must win

The quest you began, lying forgotten

The road thrust on you, under your feet

The memories, bittersweet,flashing,fleeting

The ambitions, like dreams, caricatures and unease

What is your life?

The child sees, wants, builds a wonderful castle

The adult understands, bargains, and cuts it down to size

Life is nothing but a child’s dream being rudely broken by an adult’s reality.

Know better

The end of something. Is it really the beginning of another?
I think something somewhere just dies.
Never to be the same, ever.

The loss of someone. Overcome because you found another?
I think it strange to replace soul with soul.
But we constantly want better.

If only, we knew better.



Did you hear the noise?

I just fell out of grace

It was not by choice


The sand seems slimy

Time is uncertain

Its running out fast, blimey!


The memories boil

Anger, love, friendship,

Contentment turned to turmoil


The phone cried

Call, message, a reminder?

No, The battery just died.

Something is not Right

We  are scared,

Its not perfect, It may never be

Lets not pursue a dream that is not meant to be

Lets spare us the pain, the trials of love

that otherwise may stay forever

If it was an easy choice, shouldn’t I rejoice?

Seems Something is not quite right.

It seems the only solution, the inevitable end

It seems only logical, Its not just a bend

Anymore, its a full blown dent

If it is so simple, shouldn’t I feel light?

But Something is not quite right.

Its a matter of choice,

Its a matter of wants.

Its shaping your life by the will of your hands.

Its choosing a future

But loosing a past

Its hoping the decision was right

And may last.

If the biggest fear, still

Is the knowledge that you will be forgotten

That promises easily overwritten

That you lose the right to fight,

Something is definitely not right.

But some decisions are such

They’re a one-way street

You each take your own,

And wish, that one-day

They may meet!

Old and New

Looking for a new view

Seeking the Old, in a new purview

Old is familiar, safe and easy

New is unknown, murky and scary….

Old is stable, secure and sure

But it needs New; constant recourse

New brings action, hope and life

Old is gold; but stagnant it dies

Keep the Old, with a dash of new….

Every once in a while,

Change the damn view!



All I wanted today

Was to run far away

To leave it all behind,

To hide myself in a shrine

With relics of my past,

Of a future I dreamed the night before last

Peaceful at heart, soul and mind,

And at peace with itself at the same time

Beautiful memories of times gone by,

Aspirations to build new memories, to try,

And yearn for a life that makes you proud,

Content, happy and devoid of the shroud,

Tired I am of donning which,

Its time I retired it, let it sit,

Its time I run away,

Far far away…..

Life’s a Song

Seldom do we find,

A mind alike our mind,

A soul so close to our past,

was it made in the same cast?

Another brain that precisely fires,

our brain’s deepest desires,

Another heart that pounds,

to the beats of our life, bound….

Another hand that seemingly holds,

our secrets; many, untold.

Another face that glows,

with emotions you chose…

Cherish the joys of such company,

Marvel over the sounds of your synchrony,

Let it make life a happy symphony!