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Is Love overrated?


One emotion. In fact a mega-emotion. It is so wonderful, beautiful. There is no greater happiness in the world than being loved. There is no greater compliment in the world than bestowing love.

Yet, why is this emotion so often the source of our sorrows? Why is the object of your love capable of inflicting the greatest pain?

Small, insignificant things, hurt. Maybe cause expectations change. And that maybe because we want it to be a certain way, progress a certain way. Its all stereotypes and clichés. But that’s what you want. If only we knew nothing of love, if we discovered it as we went along, would we be any happier?

Is love really overrated? Or do me make it so?

I wish I knew.


Kya Chahta hai Dil?

Khamoshiyan chahta hai dil,

phir akelepan se kyun ghabrata hai dil?

Tanhaaeyon ki raah acchi hi thi anjani,

Chalkar sheekhne ki yeh zid kyun hamne thani?

Khud par guroor itna kiya nahi kabhi tha

Jiska muaavza ab jhila rahi yeh manzil…

Ansun, udhen-bun kya ab shab talak chalenge?

Yehi khayal ab toh dahala raha hai dil…

Tanhaeeyon se bhagta hai dil…

Tanhaeeyon se machalta hai dil,

Phir tanhaeeyon mein hi kyun samhalta hai dil?

Khamoshiyan chahta hai dil,

phir akelepan se kyun ghabrata hai dil?

Hazaron aankhon ke beech khud ko khoya mahsoos karo

Hazar logon ke beech bhi akela mahsoos karo

Aisa kab chahta hai dil?

Par jab akela baith dil ko humne tatola,

Toh apnapan, pyar mangta hai dil,

Apno ka sahara, khayal mangta hai dil,

Akelapan kya janta hai dil?

Kehte hai dil massom hai,

Kya isiliye pachtata hai dil?

Akhir, kya chahta hai dil?…..