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Something is not Right

We  are scared,

Its not perfect, It may never be

Lets not pursue a dream that is not meant to be

Lets spare us the pain, the trials of love

that otherwise may stay forever

If it was an easy choice, shouldn’t I rejoice?

Seems Something is not quite right.

It seems the only solution, the inevitable end

It seems only logical, Its not just a bend

Anymore, its a full blown dent

If it is so simple, shouldn’t I feel light?

But Something is not quite right.

Its a matter of choice,

Its a matter of wants.

Its shaping your life by the will of your hands.

Its choosing a future

But loosing a past

Its hoping the decision was right

And may last.

If the biggest fear, still

Is the knowledge that you will be forgotten

That promises easily overwritten

That you lose the right to fight,

Something is definitely not right.

But some decisions are such

They’re a one-way street

You each take your own,

And wish, that one-day

They may meet!