Monthly Archives: November 2012

Live, my love!

Leave and go so far beyond my love that no worries can reach you….
Laugh, and be so happy my love that people  say happiness is being you….
Love, and love so fiercely my love that it consumes every ounce of you….
Dance and be so merry love that the world dances alongside you….
Sing, let the melodies flow love, make the world dance to your tunes….
Befriend, leave a stream of people love, who remember your beautiful smile….
Work and build a world my love, proud of which you can be….

And so Live and live so vividly my love that people remember the spectacle they see!!



The string of trust.

Its a two way tug-rope.
You tug, I hold.

I tug, You let me fall?!


Where is the holding hand?

My trust in which i put.

Where are the people, I

Could do nothing without?


My Mate!! Is nothing but

A necessary illusion

A deception so profound

You must not blame your delusion.